Selected Writing
Ask the Editor: An Interview with Rachel Lyon, Editor in Chief of Epiphany, The Columbia Journal, September 2019
Funerals — and death — are changing as Americans try to control what happens when they die, NBC, August 2019
Former student remembers class with Toni Morrison: ‘She implored us to do better’, Yahoo, August 2019
Everything or nothing: Wendy Guerra’s Revolution Sunday, Los Angeles Review of Books, February 2019
Marie Kondo is sending Americans a message they desperately need to hear, NBC, January 2019
Three Canadian novels test the bonds — and boundaries — of family, The New York Times, October 2018
(Reluctant) cat mom, Shondaland, July 2018
What the Cuban diaspora eats for breakfast, Extra Crispy, February 2018
All the places my grandmother has lived, Shondaland, November 2017
How I learned to take sexual assault seriously in a society where it’s trivialized, Nylon, October 2017
Chelsea Manning: ‘This is an expression of my humanity’, Yahoo, August 2017
What the alt-right wears and why, Nylon, August 2017
Why I Insta-stalk my career crushes, Vogue, June 2017
What to wear as 30-year-old you, Racked, February 2017
Trump’s night before Christmas, The Hairpin, October 2016
I’m 29 and live at home. Does that make me less of an adult? Vogue, October 2016
This is what happens when someone is dying, Medium, August 2016
Briefly noted: ‘We were feminists once’, The New Yorker, July 2016
Briefly noted: ‘My name is Lucy Barton’, The New Yorker, February 2016
Briefly noted: ‘Negroland', The New Yorker, October 2015
For millennials, being an artist isn’t practical, The New York Times, February 2013

Extra Crispy